Why housemaids should feel safe and secure

The biggest mistake most employers make when hiring housemaids is to ignore safety and security. In recent years, the reputation of maids has been on a significant decline. There have been many cases where maids have been accused of mistreating the children they were hired to take care of, theft and many disagreements between the maids and the employers. These problems have actually been evident with maids who have been employed on a full-time basis. The problems have also forced many employers to start employing part-time maids since it is easier to supervise them. Due to the fact that a foreign domestic helper(外傭) will spend a lot of time at their employer’s home, any dissatisfaction with an employer can manifest itself in different negative ways.

It has always been a tradition that maids do not confront their employers. As such, a maid can choose to take negative actions. This is mostly done out of frustration and without the freedom of expressing how they feel. When this continues for long, it will lead to complacency. With complacency comes negligence and laxity, and this may see the maid failing to work on her responsibilities. A frustrated maid is dangerous to have in a house. The frustration can lead the filipino maid (僱傭) to steal or take actions an employer will regret.

When hiring a housemaid (菲傭), it is important that the maid should feel a sense of safety and security. Safety and security can only be accomplished if there is trust between the employer and the maid. Maids are always insecure when they are not paid or are not given the freedom to do certain activities. The workload can also make a maid frustrated especially if the maid is not given time to rest. When a maid feels safe and secure, she will be able to work effectively and harmoniously. click here to get more information Foreign Worker (外勞).

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