Why Google punishes PBNs

The main reason behind deindexing of your site from Google while you use private blog networking is that the content on your website has no or very little value for the user. The basic purpose of Google is to provide relevant searches to the end consumer and whatever become hindrance to this objective, gets penalized from Google in one way or another. 21pbn is a website that provide SEO solution for your gambling website that is newly formed and business is intended. Gambling sites are really in the scene these days and these are considered to be a good business opportunity. A lot of people are starting this business and market is already rich. Therefore, in order to beat the heat and come into the competition, you would have to use some shortcut and this is only possible through private blog network service.

Why deindexing happens and how to avoid it?
Deindexing happens as a result of multiple reasons, but the good thing is that it can be avoided easily. Yes, you can avoid it by doing and not doing certain things that have direct impact on your website using a PBN. Following are certain things that SEO experts do when they get deindexed from Google.

• Content-producing low quality content for your blogs
• Selling links to earn money
• Whois info has a significance in domain names, using same information for whole network is a problem
• Blacklisted domains, used to create the network
• Authenticated sites are not used
• Hosting is done through same channel for the whole network
• Restricting the crawler access to your network

These are some of the things that are done by bloggers and they get punished. Logically, these are not a thing that should be done by professionals and in my view point it is legit for Google to block such services. You have to produce quality for the end consumer in order to get the top ranking.

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