Which are the things you can do while travel Raja Ampat?

If in any case, you are planning to travel raja ampat then you should visit it. Raja Ampat is one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia. Nature’s beauty of that place is one of the most attractive things for the tourist. In this place, you can see the dense forest with many wild animals in it. In here one of the most favoriteactivities you can do here is the scuba diving in the water. By doing the scuba diving you can just see all the beauty under water.

What are the attractive things you can do while travel Raja Ampat?
The following are the attractive things which you can see or do while travel Raja Ampat and they are:
• The first one in Raja Ampat you can just see the sunrise and the sunset. This sunrise and the sunset is one of the most attractive things in the Raja Ampat. While sunset the sky color changes to orange with the brilliant and the exotic color. At the time of the sunset, the noises of the fish and the birds will explain the beauty of nature.

• The second one is the Snorkel at the jetty – to go underwater it’s not as compulsory that you have to know scuba driving. You can also travel underwater through the docks which are also known as the jetty. The jetty will take you to the less than 2 feet of water. Where you can see the different types of fish underwater.
• The third one you can do is to feed the fish in Swainggrai. If you don’t want to do the scuba diving you can go for the feeding of the fish. Swainggrai is small village located in the Raja Ampat. Where you can go and feed the fish.
Where can you stay in Raja Ampat?
If you are travelRajaAmpat if you have not booked the hotels online then you can stay in Waigeo. Waigeo is among one of the four Islands in Raja Ampat, Which is also the main location for the tourist hotels and guesthouses.

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