What types of filling used in best pregnancy pillow?

These days many pregnant ladies are buying a pregnancy pillow. As they come to know from different ladies about its benefits. But as the main reason to buy it is the comfortableness offered by it. However, if you buy wrong filling pillow than you cannot get the same comfort level! To get that comfortableness read the following tips that help you in choosing the best filling pillow.

Styrofoam ball filling:
You may know those balls that usually we find in a bean bags, they are called as Styrofoam balls. You will mainly find it under cheap
pregnancy pillows. Its filling allows pillows to adapt easily your lightweight and body shape.
Polyester fiber filling:
It is soft and also not makes any noise. The higher the amount of fiber the more firmness you get. Fiber filling is a most popular filling in these pillows. It is better than other pillows.
Micro-bead filling:
These are pretty small balls used under these pillows. These pillows have sand inside them. This sand is extremely in light weight. It offers no noise and is very supportive as compare to Styrofoam pillow.
Memory foam filling:
This type of pillows turns into your body shape. Once you remove the pillow from your body or lift your body form it, the pillow regains its shape again. These types of pillow help in avoiding heat to generate up. It reduces that hot feeling which is built by other pillows.
How noisy are pregnancy pillows?
It depends on the pillow filling that is also mentioned above. Some covers and filling are extremely nosier as compare to others. No pregnant lady wish for a pillow that rustles and crinkles so loudly which not allow you to sleep at night. You have to pay attention to its fabric and filling to avoid overly loud pregnancy pillows.

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