What do you need to know about a compressor (kompresör) before you buy one

If you visit any workshop, you will find out that there are some machines that are common and found in almost all workshops and garage. These machines make work easier and faster. You even enjoy working with them, no matter how tedious the work is. One of such machines is the air compressor (kompresör). Are you planning to buy one, or you want to change what you have to a machine with a bigger capacity and work efficiency? There are some stones you must turn and settle before you conclude on what to buy.

1. Electrical connections

This has to do with the voltage that you have in your home. Does your house have a single phase or a 3-phase power supply? Some people will buy this machine and on getting home, they can’t wire it up. This shouldn’t happen to you. If your house connection can’t power the machine, it may be better to settle it first before setting out for the purchase.

2. Horsepower

Most people disturb themselves about the horsepower of the compressor (kompresör) . You should not be bothered. You only need to be concerned about the capacity and pressure of the machine. This is determined by what you want to use it for anyways.

3. The tank size

It is observed that most of the reciprocating machines come in a tank of 40-80 gallon tank. You should know that, the larger the tank, the better. You actually need a bigger compressed air is needed for big tools

4. The air filters

This will actually depend on how clean you need the air you will get from the machine. Usually, the compressed air is usually wet, hot and dirty. Because of this, you may need to remove the water, dirt, and oil. The need for you to remove these foreign particles depends on the need.

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