What different implantation and plastic surgery have made by Nickias seen here?

On which factors the beauty of women is depended?
The beauty of a woman is depended on several factors. Height, weight, breast size and buttocks are the body parts of women, which take part to make a women beauty, sexy and attractive. Nicki Minaj is a most popular and attractive celebrity for her sexy figure and she considers one of the sexiest women in the world because of her tight and round shape breasts, sharp nose, round and big size buttocks and nice face. It is gossip that Nicki Minaj is not actually as beautiful as seen here.

It is a rumor that her beautiful body shape including sexy breast, buttocks, hips, nose are not in natural but she made these artificially by plastic surgery and implantation. She looks like the early 20s though her present age is thirty. However, it is not sure that her beauty is because of her plastic surgery or the benefit of implants. It may be possible that her beauty is in natural.
The butt implants of Nicki Minaj
In addition to the breast implant, she had a butt implant which is a rumor. Though she never reveals that her butts are implanted, but the photos of her present and teen age’s time say that the size and shape of her present buttocks are far better looking than earlier and it is only possible if it is done by plastic surgery. From the website online you will observe all her past and present photos and as seen here you will also understand that she must undergo plastic surgery.

Nose job of Nicki Minajas seen here
It is also a rumor that Nicki Minaj has made a change in nose job. But she always denies it. She said that she never followed any surgery practice and the beautifulness of her nose is for extra make-up only. But if you observe her photos in close contact you will surely notice that a thinner and sharp nose in her present photos as seen here.

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