Welding Manipulators and its common Benefits

Welding Manipulator is a machine that automatically welds. These are most needed in tanks and vessels present in the containers and submarines. The main advantage of using the welding manipulator like the column and boom welding manipulator is, it speeds up the process on principles of automation with safer means. They are devices which has the ability to reach into tight spaces and remove workpieces so the welding operation is done more precisely. But what are the benefits of using a welding manipulator?

Some Common Benefits of using a Welding Manipulator
robotic welding is the most common robotic application in the industrial sectors because of the ability to perform high volume of work in a determined time period besides saving workforce and material cost. These automated system uses welding manipulators to carry out the task in a timely and efficient manner. Some of the benefits of using a welding manipulator in welding automation are

• Welding manipulator like column and boom offer 360-degree rotation, therefore the manipulators can perform in any position irrespective of the direction thus speeding up the process. In the absence of manipulators, you need to use cranes and machines to perform the welding process, which is more time consuming and totally unsafe too.
• They are heavy duty manipulators designed for welding large parts using heavy processes. These welding manipulators have flexible solutions for wide range of operations.
• Welding manipulators in welding automation are designed to deliver accuracy and firmness when mechanically positioning the welding arc.
• The use of the welding manipulator improves the quality of work and thus increases the overall productivity.
Summing it up
The welding manipulators due to its ease and preciseness are widely used in wind power equipment’s, pressure vessel like the container vessel and submarine, petrochemical, pipeline and many more.

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