We show you how to hide TV cables like a professional

We have all gone through the discomfort of living with a bunch of wires entangled behind appliances, tables, dressers and anywhere in the house, decorations and interior design more elegant and sophisticated are lost when placing devices such as televisions On the wall, the existing options involved complicated works breaking walls and placing heavy external rails that also do not contribute much to the aesthetics of the wall and decoration.

Another annoying factor of these cables hanging on the walls is the cost of labor of the professionals who are dedicated to repairing it; in view of all these circumstances we have designed the kit for hide TV cables that you can use yourself in your home to a super economical price.
The practical kit for hide tv wiresis very simple to use by anyone, includes everything necessary to install it, including step-by-step instructions with simple graphic images that explain how to do the installation and solve the problem of the television cable in the wall, without the need for expensive or complicated tools in a few steps you can install your kit and start enjoying the view of a wall without cables and a wall-mounted television if it is out of tune with the design and colors of the house.
The concealed wires in wall kit hides all the cables associated with the TV, the electricity, the signal cable, the connectors of other devices such as video game consoles, all in one place and without distorting the elegance and cleanliness of the wall the furniture where we have decided to hang our televisions, following the instructions properly you can achieve by yourself the professional finish that otherwise would cost you a lot of money, all the contents of the kit has standard industry measures which guarantee that it will match any cable and connector.

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