Various forms of promotion in marketing

If you are someone who has chosen a business path for their education to do something in that field or make a career out of it then you must know that by now marketing is really important aspect of business and the field of commerce. You usually study marketing at the end of your initial days of studying business studies but as you progress to your final year in high school, then college and then into your post graduation you sort of realize the fact that marketing is literally the heart and soul of business. In some way or marketing is related to almost every business activity. There is no way that you can run a successful company without focusing and planning out its marketing plan.

Some basic knowledge that you must know about marketing before moving forward is that marketing has four Ps. These are price, product, place and promotion. We are going to discuss the promotion aspect of the marketing. Now promotion can be done in various ways. You can further divide promotions into sales promotion techniques, personal selling, publicity and public relations. Now if we discus sales promotion techniques there must be a lot of things that you would be aware about well in advance. Some famous techniques are discounts, special offers, slots, contests and many more.

The main objective of things such as discounts or slots is that they directly grab the attention of the consumers. They are incentives that make sure that the consumer gets more than what they are paying for. These incentives get the customer excited. If a company salesman is selling something door to door then it must have one to one communication which is interactive as well that is why it is called as personal selling.

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