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The skin functions as the façade of our body, the shell and the protection of our organism, therefore, it is highly essential to keep it healthy, maintained and vitalized. To do this, you must have a special dedication in all aspects of it, food is an essential part of your care, according to the foods we consume can affect favorably or unfavorably the health of our skin.

In addition, the external care that must have, that is, the application of creams and lotions with certain nutrients that help the health of our skin, all this is truly necessary if we want to have a healthy and careful skin.

For its part, the collagen is the body’s natural protein that is responsible for forming the building blocks of the skin, therefore, it is strictly necessary to maintain a high level of it in the body.

However, over the years, the natural production of this body protein is decreasing and that is where wrinkles and neglected skin appear. In addition, the collagen is responsible for protecting the muscles and tendons of the body, playing a vital role in our health, both superficially and internally.

As the natural production of collagen decreases to a moderately high level after 25 years, according to scientific studies, the level of decline is 1.5% per year, so we must help our body in the production and obtaining of this protein. For this, there are capsules of this protein so that you can ingest them and recover the level necessary for your body, so that, your skin is healthy in every way.

In addition, you can apply collagen on the surface of the skin, in specific areas, where you need it most. Obviously, this has to be a process that must be done regularly to maintain adequate levels of this protein.

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