Tips to Calculate the Potency of Edibles

I have never enjoyed eating edibles and it is not due to the taste. The main reason I do not like edibles is since I don’t have any clue how powerful they’ll be.

While I smoke a joint I might not understand the proportion of THC that the cannabis contains or just how much of this joint I will have to smoke. It does not matter, I could take a toke or two and find out just how I feel. From the time it’s been passed around I’ve a fairly good idea of just how strong it really is. I am able to take another toke, or maybe not, it is my call. I understand what I am registering for.

homemade edibles do not operate this way. Nobody can tell how powerful edibles are from the dimensions or the flavor. The customer really has nothing to continue. To make things worse, edibles have to be processed from your body before you feel the consequences and this may take an hour or even more. You won’t understand for quite a while if you have had too small, too much or just enough.

Do not expect to see it to the label. I have seen lots of edibles for sale in reputable dispensaries with labels which don’t even attempt to record the effectiveness. The ones that make an effort often do this in an unintelligible manner. How about the only brownie promoted as 12 doses? Am I really only supposed to consume only a few crumbs of this brownie? However, it looks soooo great! I would like to eat like a few of these. I have seen other labels which say 1.5 g Sativa. Really? What does this inform the user? This lets you know just slightly more than nothing in any way.

What is sad is that calculating the effectiveness of homemade edibles is really fairly straightforward. Here’s a simple formula for doing exactly that.

The Way to Calculate Potency

Nowadays it’s pretty simple to find the effectiveness of the cannabis you buy. Many dispensaries have their marijuana laboratory tested and they market the proportion of THC it contains. Assuming that the dispensary is honest, you have got a great place to get started. If you climbed you have or bought a good amount you will find labs popping up throughout that may test potency for about $100.

Say you buy 3.5 g (roughly 1/8th oz) of adequate outdoor marijuana that’s marketed as 15 percent THC. This doesn’t mean that you have 3.5 g of THC, it usually means that 15 percent of your 3.5 g is THC. Lets do some math.

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