There was a time when playing football was not considered good

Playing fussball or watching it is something that is enjoyed by the people from all over the world. This game that originated in China around 300 BC has found a great place in hearts of the people and has reached such popularity that no other sport has ever been able to garner.

The craziness for this sport is such that men women, young and adults everyone leaves all their work for those 90 minutes and spends that time watching football either on TV or live in the field.
Once it was being banned in England
This sport did not enjoy such popularity in the earlier times. When football reached England from China it became extremely popular with the young crowd. The craziness increased to a very high level and the governments tries to curb it through various sanctions against it. This, however, did not world and slowly the whole concept took a more commercialized form. Today there are several leagues played in Europe itself. People not only watch and enjoy the game but also like to play the game. the children that are passionate about the game start training for it from an early age and those who cannot reach the level they had aimed fro try to satisfy their passion by watching Fussball bundeliga on TV or by going to the live football match.

A great fan frenzy
This sport that was once being ridiculed by the higher authorities has become a great means of revenue and entertainment for the government and people respectively. People from all over Europe and world watch bundesliga fussball (World Championship Football). The game is so popular that it halts everything in the world. People leave all their important works and watch the game. They are also fiercely protective of the team they support.

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