The movie My Neighbor Totoro has become a cultural icon worldwide.

In 85 the Japanese administrators, Goro Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, and the manufacturer Toshio Suzuki founded your Studio Ghibli, Inc. A film business that started to be famous because of its extraordinary anime movies. Considering that its founding, they have created a large number of quick films, tv set commercials, video games, and a tv set movie.

Several films created by Studio Ghibli are already awarded the Anime Fantastic Prix, some with the Animation Academy Award in Asia and 5 have been nominated for the Academy awards.

The pet of the Studio room is Totoro, a nice character through the movie My Neighbor Totoro , a show directed simply by Hayao Miyazaki that explains to the story of an teacher and the two children, and how they will interrelate with some humorous wood state of mind, My Neighbors Totoro was also given the Animage, the particular Anime Grand Prix Award and 3 more gifts in the year 1988. From 1990 this motion picture was dubbed in different dialects and released in various types by numerous countries like the United States.

The show along with Totoro their main figure have become national icons worldwide, and have elevated millions of dollars both in the box office and in video clips and increase licensed goods. And in 2010 the Business magazine placed Totoro among the best 60 animation figures.

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