The Logs for sale that you need

As technology advances so do the production of natural fuel. Very much in spite of the appearance, processing, implementation, and use of fossil fuels such as oil, gas, diesel, among others; The tradition of houses with natural heating has been maintained with the use of firewood.

In Lekto Wood fuels; a family company dedicated to the supply of heat logs has specialized in applying technology to improve the performance of their heating products, using their knowledge and advances in the wood fuel industry, thus obtaining an improved product making it more efficient and reliable for consumers. His efforts are directed especially to satisfy the different demands and needs of his clients, offering products such as kiln dried logs for heating, stoves, campfires, barbecue grills, also splinters and natural lighters.
Lekto Wood fuels provide the best bark briquettes, with special characteristics that allow an easy ignition and a slow and lasting combustion providing a warm atmosphere in their spaces, they are offered in comfortable and manageable packaging for handling, transfer, and storage with a weight maximum of 12 kg. They are widely recommended for use in closed appliances where graduation of air flow is allowed.

Wood processing at Lekto Wood fuels is made from efficiently and responsibly treated forests, replanting and planting new trees. All the heat log that this company designs and provides are based on a completely ecological treatment, without the use of components or chemical additives.

Lekto Wood Fuels offers you the best-selected products with the highest quality for you to use on your stove, heating, burners, and fires in open areas and have a warm experience. For this Lekto Wood fuels puts at your disposal the advantage of being able to place your order through your online store, from the comfort of your home, with just one click

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