The importance of Unity of your brand

You might have encountered some products and be surprised at the way the unity of the brand (ブランド) is impaired. This happens when different companies are employed by the same company to carry out different parts of the branding . This is something that a world class company will never do, as they make sure that all their brands speak the same thing. So, to become one, you have to learn to act like one, by carefully selecting the company that will do all for you. Sometimes, what makes many companies opt for different parts of their brand to be designed or made by various designers is the fact that they believe they are saving cost this way, not knowing that even viewers or customers from various parts of the world will be discouraged at this. When a Logo (ロゴ) is produced with great precision and quality, it needs other forms of media to expose it effectively and bring out its beauty. Used alone, they are meaningless, they have to be used alongside some other media forms.

Print shops sometimes deal with just printing of the design you give to them, they are responsible for many of the flyers that you see around you. Some companies do this, they engage in logo designs with a company and print their flyers from a print shop. This is not advisable for your brand (ブランド), though some companies have gotten away with it, but you might not. Though there are, still companies unlike LOGOLO that still engage in logo designs only. This happens mist times because they are just evolving into a bigger company and they monitor their progress by doing all they can afford at that time. LOGOLO can help you with your posters and even product packages.

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