Tekna, experts in the manufacture of state-of-the-art equipment with regard to treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy

With an considerable history, going back more than a millennium, Tekna has become the number one company when it comes to manufacturing the very best hyperbaric chamber on the market, in addition to having a personnel of designers, agents, as well as professionals, with proven experience in the area and excellent performance within advising your client, installing products, performing checks and changes to ensure the best possible performance.

The corporation provides the necessary training for the actual personnel which will manage the particular cameras, in addition to a deep upkeep and service. They’re responsible, among other things, for examining the site the location where the equipment is going to be installed, looking at plans, codes, and specifications of the fire chief to avoid any inconvenience. They have extensive experience in installing hyperbaric oxygen chamber equipment, within clinics, private hospitals, and specialized centers.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is founded on providing greater than 21% pure oxygen towards the patient, in just a pressurized environment between A single.4 and 6.2 atmospheres, in order that the plasma is activated as well as travels through the bloodstream, hence regenerating cellular structure and leading to the Recuperation of cells damaged by lack of oxygen.

These types of equipment are very comfortable, they give the patient the particular tranquility regarding receiving the treatment, having experience of the doctor, being that they are elaborated in a clear material, that a constant follow-up of the patient that receives the particular oxygen therapy is made.

Tekna producers several kinds of cameras, which are accepted by globally recognized organizations, such as the Fda standards, ASME, and PVHO-1. The actual Monoplace models are aimed at the interest of a single individual, the Cross 3000 and also 4200 line is outstanding. There are also the actual Multiplaza, which treat groups; one of them is the product 6000, 7200 and also 8400 SL and Defensive line, mobile and also transportable.

In case you are interested in getting good information go to www.hyperbaric-chamber.com, there you will see the number of versions to perform the very best hbot treatment for sufferers with melts away, diabetic feet, intoxication, abscesses, etc.

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