Technique and method of nuru massage

The nuru massage refers to the contact of the two bodied at the time of the massage. In these types of massage activities, most the two people are involved in it that is male person and female person. In the nuru massage the one person applies the oil or the nuru gel on the person’s body and the other person experience the activity of the massage on this/her body. The oil or the gel which is provided on the body of the client help the person who is doing the massage on the client’s body helps them to make the slippery surface on the client body.

Equipments used in nuru massage
The nuru massage is usually done with the help of nuru oil or by the nuru gel. Both the thing act on the same platform and used for the same propose that is to make the body of the client smooth and slippery. Nuru oil is one of the best kinds of the oil which is used by the person who is doing the massage to the client. The massage is also considered as the therapy of relaxation and removal of the stress of the body of the client or the person on whom the massage is done.
• Features of nuru oil:
• This type of oil is generally tasteless in the taste.
• Nuru oil is odorless which means they do not have any kind of smell.
• They are transparent and generally look like the water.
• They do not affect the client if the client is allergic of the oil.
The another thing which is used is the nuru gel which is very also tasteless and the odorless which mean the nuru gel do not have any kind of smell in it. They are the equipments which help in performing the nuru massage.
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