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All you need to know about Ethereum

Ethereum was created as a result of a desire to expand the limited functions found in block chain applications such as Bitcoin. Most of it is the fact that bitcoin only offers peer to peer, digital currency transaction. Due to the fact that developers wanted block chain applications that could do more, there was the birth of Etherum. Etherum was created by Vatalik Buterman when he felt that bit coin […]

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Dascoin Investment Opportunity

Last year (early October 2016), one of my online friends came to me with the DasCoin business opportunity. As I do…. dived into some history and researched on the business and the owners. I’ve invested in several so called actual “cryptocurrency” chances. The really first were out and out scams and so have, till DasCoin, made quite few investments in this sector… I’ve just invested in mining companies that were […]

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