Strategy For Playing Clash Royale

Hey guys in this video I am going to give you guys my views on the top clash royale hack in the present meta and it is Ash. Now I understand I am going to get some people who may differ with my views, therefore I actually need to stress that these are my own views. Along with why these cards are the best cards in the game, I am also going to give you guys my views on how these cards can be balanced and means for us to have more diversity in the game since I do consider some of these cards offer an excessive amount of value.

The Princess is definitely the best card in the game:
She costs just 3 Elixir, making it simple get unbelievable worth on defense and to form strong combos on offense.
She’s the biggest troop range in the game with a 9 tile variety. No other troop comes close, the Royal Giant has a 6.5 tile range.
She’s the only troop if she is left alone in the game who can take down both the Arena Tower and the Tower of King.
She does Area Damage, equal to 140 HP damage from a level 1 Princess from only one chance making her the best area damage troop in the game not only because of hack clash royale that is very cheap, but also her ability to target air units. The only other troops that do splash and can target air are Ice Sorcerer, Sorcerer, and Infant Dragon, Witch, Fire Spirits.
She’s a huge Area Damage splatter radius, enabling her to deal damage at the time to multiple units.
As both cards cost 3 Elixir she equally trades with Arrows. As it is possible to use her to laugh at Arrows but there is really a lot advantages to this. This means if your opponent uses his Arrows on the Princess, then on many occasions it is possible to safely send in something like Goblin Barrel or your Minion Horde.

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