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Web analytics tools can lead to design choices to enhance visitors’ online experience but in addition to educate site owners, business owners concerning the site Report of these websites. Yet, in several cases, eBusiness Webmasters Managers or Web operations supervisors, begin setting up Web analytics tools just as a ‘nice to have’ tool. As an alternative to comparing it to the business goals and measuring performance, they mainly convey the raw evaluation data to senior management, without some recommendations for site enhancements or any additional explications. The subsequent important pitfalls ought to be avoided to use the worth that Web site evaluation software can supply:
1) Business objects not establish for individual segments of the site:
At most organizations, business owners responsible to get a sub part of the corporate site haven’t defined their unique business goals of the sub parts. As an example, a sub section of a Web site may be customer support, which may be further broken down into self service tools (e.g. frequently asked questions, download of drivers, etc.), support contact information, warranties, user guides, etc. In the event the measured performance could be compared contrary to the targeted goals, measuring the operation of a site or a sub part of the site is precious. If business owners tend not to establish business goals, the evaluation cannot discover the performance of the site. eBusiness supervisors or Web operation supervisors which are in charge of setting up Web analytics tools need to assist business owners defining the in-depth business goals of the Web site’s sub parts (read additionally, “Who Should Establish Business Objects”, Steve Telleen).
2) Website owners or site section owners aren’t trained to get the Web performance reports:
At most organizations, site owners or business owners to get a certain sub site can’t leverage the site Report of Web evaluation tools as many of these do not comprehend the strategy of the advantages of such a measurement. EBusiness supervisors need to spell out as built-in element in their Web performance measurement software as a first step the advantages as well as the significance of this performance measurement.

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