Signs to know he likes you

You might be really interested in this guy and maybe you are going on a date with him for the first time and you really want to discover if he likes you or not. There are so many ways to do this as it oozes out quite easily and you can promptly know if he is interested in you or not. Most of these signs are physical gestures while some are juts actions that any guy would definitely act out and you would definitely how to know if he likes you. We would be looking at a few of these signs.

The first sign on this list is that He would want to hear your opinion and the things you have to say, he would probably like to listen to the things you have to say and mostly he would want to hear your responses to the things he has to say. Next, he would also want to tell you a lot about himself, like his achievements and the nice things he has done and the kind of person his is; sort of trying to showcase the sort of person he is, guys like to show case themselves when they are trying to win over a girl and tell interesting stories about themselves.

Another sign to see that he likes you is that he would crave for body contact with you. If a guy likes you, he would try to come close to see if he can get any chance to touch. Depending on the sort of guy; you can check this by coming close to him, as though it’s a mistake in ways of brushing his arms to see his reaction. You can also try to close in a bit on him, a shy guy would try to let you or an even bolder guy would take advantage of the whole situation and trying to get as much physical contact.

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