Side effects of Health drinks or tonics

In the modern world, people are not caring about their health properly. Their food habits, non-exercising lifestyle, fast foods intake, results in several diseases. To treat that, people visit physicians or take health drinks or drugs etc. But medicines or health drinks intake, also have some side effects. All drinks are not pure and safe. Some health drinks are even contaminated. Tonics which are available in the market, should not be taken without consulting with doctor as it can be harmful. Here are few examples,

• Kids drinks
All drinks nowadays like horlicks, bournvita, pediasure etc. are for kids. But these drinks are not safe for kids, because they add artificial vitamins, salts, milk, junk, processed junk. It will lead to side effects like lack of concentration, growth problems, getting diseases, cancer problem etc.

• Quinine-
Quinine is a type of drug which is used to treat malaria. It has side effects like headaches, unusual sweating, nausea, upset stomach, hearing problem, dizziness chest pain, weakness etc. Quinine has side effects on the body parts like heart, liver, kidney, blood cells etc. Tonic water also sometime contains quinine.

• Nerve tonic side effects-
This is a homeopathic tonic. It also has side effects on the human body. It is not safe. It gives allergic reactions on the body and hence are harmful.

• l carnitine liquid is amino acid in plain. When you start using this, it gives strength for body, helps in weight control, reduces stress and provides so many other benefits. But still have side effects like not feeling hunger, burning calories very fast. Alcoholics should not take L carnitine liquid, which will give them adverse effects.

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• Soft drinks-
Soft drink mostly taken as diet tonic are free of calories. But it’s not a good drink as you have increased probability of getting stroke.

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