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The competitiveness of business in the world today demands that you aim to give better service. This will ensure that your business stays in operation for a very long time. Owning a business that deals with the placement of help in different areas warrant the need to stay abreast with the latest happening. This will enable you to secure placement of the foreign domestic helper in no time. Aim to provide the best services to make a footing in the industry. You have high chances of having every housemaid in your business posted to an employer within a short period. Give credible services to your clients to enable them to come back for more. The main services that you should provide at your maid agency should include,

• Transferring of maids
• Job placement
• Renewal or cancellation of work permits
• Renewal of passports
• Any other matter such as counseling

Offer good service

It is imperative that you have an open mind when doing business. This enables you to find easy solutions to your problems. You may encounter a client who is not satisfied with the services of the filipino maid from your agency. The easy solution here is to transfer her to another household that may prefer her services. This enables your clients to trust you to give them what they want at any given time. You can include the renewal or cancellation of work permits at your maid agency. This helps in curbing any cases of help gone bad while still in employment. You should be in a position to renew the passports of help who pass through your agency. This ensures that they have an easy time during their stay. You have an opportunity to counsel them in case they are going through a hard time especially adjusting to a new environment. This helps to keep them calm and encouraged to continue working.
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