Review – FIFA 19

Year after year us Soccer fans need to ask ourselves the very same questions, who’ll win the league? Which three will soon be relegated? What teams will make it to cup final? And will another fifa 19 free game be as good as the past?
Last year FIFA 11 watched The extended running EA sports show prove again that there’s no superior soccer game on the market. For me personally it completely eclipsed Konami’s PES to the point where I believed FIFA 11 could be difficult to out do.

However, EA have Once More Hit the nail on the head with FIFA 19, including a range of tweaks and improvements, leapfrogging its competitions leaving them eating its dust.
There were even doubts. I Was not entirely sold on the game play varies regarding defending. This year players need to shield tactically and smartly to be able to win the ball. No more will a straightforward hold of this blank handle button gives you the chunk. Where last time around players can win the ball and often way too easily now we must jockey, place strain on the attackers to maneuver the ball right into a threatening region and just go in for a handle when you are confident you will find the ball differently you are going to be in a heap of trouble. In the beginning it is going to look to be a nightmare, the shift is so enormous for gamers of prior installations and you will most likely be handling thin air and abandoned chasing folks who gallop miles ahead till you become accustomed to it. But as soon as you do, it will become evident that this large shift in game play has been the ideal call by EA. Tactical defending adds to the validity and challenge of this match and despite having the option to revert back to the first setting, I do not believe I could go back into it without making the game look like a walk in the park, some thing that I actually don’t want from an aggressive sports match.

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