Rapper YoungBoy NBA, a life full of ups and downs

He is known under the stage name YoungBoy Never Broke Again or the diminutive Rapper YoungBoy NBA, and his real name is Kentrell De Sean Gaulden, this peculiar rapper was born in the capital of the State of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, located near the Mississippi River on the day October 20, 1999. He grew up in the company of his grandmother; of his parents, it is known that the father was serving a sentence of 55 years and his mother has not been made public details; the singer takes care of her and also helps her two brothers, has four children with 3 different ladies.

With only 9 years old, Rapper YoungBoy NBA said he did not want to continue studying and that he would dedicate himself to the music business, he was arrested almost immediately accused of theft and sentenced to juvenile prison, then at age 17 together with his room, and friend of always OG 3Tree, together they followed in the criminal wave and were arrested when they were 17 years old.

His greatest successes have been achieved by compositions made while in prison, the first song he promoted was Life Before Fame, then was Mind of Menace 1 and 2, Before I Go in the year 2015, then began a rivalry with his counterpart the rapper Scotty Cain, which popularized them by their constant attacks only through the lyrics of their songs.

In the year 2016 Rapper YoungBoy NBA, being under arrest in the state prison of Louisiana, premiered the song Mind of Menace in its appearance number 3 of the series and Wind or Lose, being already released on bail did not waste time and the popular Untouchable, and his list was awarded in the year 2,018 Outside Today, and has been arrested again for what announces new releases soon.

As curious facts of his tumultuous life, is that in his childhood broke his neck in a confrontation with another child and rest that included the use of a supplement that ran from the base of the neck to the hip left his footprints marked on the front of there his artistic name so singular, that makes reference to that it will not be broken again.

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