Penis Extender FAQ for 2018

When looking to buy a penis extender, most people will have questions about them. Below you can provide the most common questions about penis enlargement devices.

Do Penis Extender Work?

Penis Enlargement devices such as the SizeGenetics are normally both clinically proven to work and are also medically backed. They work on traction force, and applying the traction to the penis for an extended period of time. The device is worn so that it is a little bit bigger than the non erect penis; this causes a consistent stretch on the penis. This stretch will cause the cells within the penis to divide; as new cells are formed the penis will begin to expand in both length and width. Learn more at

Will It Cause Side Effects?

Quality Penis Extenders are normally medically backed, this means that it has gone through a number of different medical studies to show that it is safe to use. Like any type of equipment, as long as it is used correctly then there is no reason why you would see any side effects.

What Size Gains Can I See?

With a recommended Penis Enlargement Device, you would typically be able to see up to 3 inches in length and up to 25% increase in the width. The size gain is dependant on the individual; the time in which it takes to see results does also vary. There have also been many reports that with continued use, some people have seen more than the 3 inches in length.

I Have A Curve, Can It Correct This?

A curve to some degree is natural, there is no such thing as a completely straight penis. Although having a curve can cause performance issues and can affect your confidence. Curvatures are caused in different ways, some are formed from peyronies disease, a trauma to the penis and some people natural develop one as they get older. Penis Extenders such as the SizeGenetics are clinically proven to cure up to 70% of curvatures, this giving you a much straighter penis.

Can I Wear A Penis Extender In Bed?

Devices are normally safe to wear while you are asleep, although many of them are designed to slip off if they get caught in bedding or if you roll over onto it. The downside to this is that if this happens after only wearing the unit for an hour, then you would not see the full benefits of the product. While wearing the device while you are asleep also gives you less control over it, therefore most companies recommend that you wear it while awake.

Will The Devices Fit Any Size?

This does depend on the device that you use as many of them do support different sizes. Many of them will, however, fit anyone that is 2 inches or more when non-erect, the SizeGenetics will stretch the penis up to 11 inches. Many other devices will stretch the penis up to 9 inches.

How Many Hours Per Day Do I Wear The Penis Extender For?

It is recommended to wear devices for between 5-6 days a week, it is important to have at least 1-day rest from the device. This allows the penis to recover from the stretching and helps with the healing process. Therefore rest days from the device are just as important as the days that you wear the device for.

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