ONT NEO, the cryptocurrency that was born to change personal finances.

What is ONT? Is an offer of Oriental origin which includes its individual digital foreign currency, the NEO Ontology Coin, nevertheless it is also something more than that, it is the actual gateway to a revolution inside the exchange of information, with outcomes still amazing in the way where the economy is created.

It has been powered by the Onchain group, a engineering company committed to the research, improvement, and operation regarding Blockchain systems. Scalping strategies can be used in multiple actions, such as digital identity, info exchange practices, reputation systems credit for companies and cybersecurity among many more hence the importance of this improvement.
In general terms, the concept of the company is to really make the network of personal and public blockchains connectable and extensible, that are designed specifically to serve private companies, consortia, the government and the general public and that the operation together is sustained inside the confidence of the security of the data. The event aims to solve the current weaknesses that have slowed up the implementation of the intelligent economy.
In the world of cryptocurrencies, its principal partner is the actual currency associated with ontology, which as opposed to others is not a digital forex that can be found. This means and is the novelty, in which to acquire opportunities in it, that is necessary to participate in commercial routines of systems specialized in purchases with cryptocurrencies or even in campaigns directed by the business that sports ths project.
One of these events is only the ONT Airdrop launch on air, which will be performed during the year 2018 and is directed at people who preserve NEO Ontology Coins in their purses.
Since this cryptocurrency operates in the actual NEO Blockchain, any bag that helps those property can be used to store their jobs.
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