More to know about Slingshot before renting

Before you rentals Slingshot, you have to know how to drive a manual transmission capably. Every Polaris Slingshot is made of manual transmission even though there will be automatic transmission too comes in 2016 model.

How turns are made

Polaris Slingshot comes with little bit more horsepower under its hood. So make it sure that you are careful while making fast turns because beast tail can slide out to you and may not able to control . But it is highly fun to ride on it with single tire on the back will bring lot of risk within it.

Enjoy your ride and relax with the slingshot rental in Miami because many people are going to stare at you while driving.

Fuel intake of Slingshot

Its engine requires fuel of 93 Octane when you refuel. Slingshot will shut-off and the engine may damage seriously if not. In order to fuel up just remove its gas cap located on the left rear of vehicle and slowly pump gas as it is not going to stop until it is full.

In a situation when slingshotrentals go gasoline, inform customer service they will refuel it for charges. Moreover if you return is car with less fuel level than picked up, as mentioned before they will charge fuel fee.

How to start and stop Polaris Slingshot

Insert the key and when you turn forward on simultaneously pressing down clutch along with brake pedals of your rent a Slingshot in Miami. In 5 seconds it will boot up which show on the dashboard. Once it booted up, the center dash with a red button push it down and engine starts in few seconds.

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