Modulator plugs (Modularne uticnice) allow you to join devices efficiently.

If you need a change or plug on a various pavements or floors the modulator provides a variety of solutions with regards to installation with assorted IP protections, parapet channels, partition cabinetry or different floor containers.

We squeeze range of selection, the choice is within you.
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Modulator plugs (modularne uticnice) modulating plug electrical sockets allow the relationship of units, tools as well as non-modular electrical as well as electronic equipment throughout electrical solar panels of the commercial and professional scope.

Our sales system of TEM merchandise is supplied by “do-it-yourself” stores, specialized retailers and installers regarding electrical goods through our various suppliers, which also provide reliable companions with superb support inside the professional field.

TEM light creates an atmosphere regarding tranquility, sensuality, and enchantment. It is a characteristic of nocturnal as well as quiet areas, either coming from homes or even in the workplace. The ignition can be soft as well as prolonged, because of this it generates an atmosphere of tranquility.

TEM presents a selection of classic changes, which begin a neutral, stream-lined and elegant style that can conform to any environment in which you function, without deviating through the interior, but alternatively harmonizing it.
TEM in its selected range of quality offers various merchandise such as flip-up angle plug (nadžbukna modular nauticnica), submersible modular socket (podžbukna modular nauticnica), flip-up design plug (dizajnerska modularna uticnica).
Modular plug (Modularna uticnica)the best acquisition of the electric powered area to attain the successful functioning of obtaining your electric powered appliances, lighting will not be an issue.

The economical line is rounded efficiently, ergonomics well designed specifically for you.

You can select between brilliant reflective materials and a modern day metallic search.

The delicate shape will find its location, both in modern-day interiors and in classics.

Visit us and find out regarding our items and the best money saving deals in the market simply with TEM, we conform to your convenience

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