Modernity and solidity in a door stopper

A door is the accessory considered as the letter of presentation of a home or any place where we enter, they welcome a home, control the entry and exit of any individual, few know the number of details and features that this accessory for the home can have, for example, they can have a window, a door, lights, decoration and of course door stopper .

This last accessory can be considered the most useful to be added to the door, we can call them door stop, door support, door holder, door leg or even door handle. The door stop is the more useful accessory that can be added to a door since it allows the correct support of the same, this ensures that the door remains fully stable in the desired position.
Formerly the door stop was not an accessory that could be added to a door and most of them were improvised, could be from a piece of uncomfortable and heavy iron, a wooden block that sometimes did not give enough support to the door and did not support it in an efficient way, likewise were the stone supports, in some cases hand-carved, these were the most seen in ancient times, although they were considered dangerous for the doors due to hardness.
The great advantage of these modern door stops is that they are adaptable to the door, that is, they are added to be part of it, with the ease that they can be folded and even removed, they are light and do not take up too much space and guarantee that the function of giving stability to the door posture is fulfilled.
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