Misconception about Carrageenan

carrageenan is extracted from a natural source. It is used in almost everything we used in our daily life. If you read the ingredients list of any packed item in the market then there are 90% chances that you will find this on the list. The process of producing this ingredient is quite simple and one can easily do in home. It’s a food additive and is very beneficial for the dairy industry.
There is a lot of research doctors did about its safety concerns and right now on the internet, there is so much stuff available which is making people confuse, that either it’s actually safe or not.
It’s a common ingredient used in food and is completely safe. Moreover, it plays an important role in food industry and the food we love can’t be the same without it.
The misconception about this product was first started from the fact that poligeenan which is a foreign substance was used in medical imaging and once referred as carrageenan.
Now an extensive research has proved that it is safe to use and that’s why national organizations of food has allowed it. In medical, it is used for tuberculosis, bronchitis, coughs and intestine problems. Basically, it’s an active ingredient in solutions. It helps in decreasing pain and swelling. It is also used in weight losing products. Although it was first introduced on an industrial scale in the 1930s but according to its history, it was first used in China around 600BC. Because of its excessive use, the global sale of this product was around $640 million a few years ago.
So if you still have any questions then you can consult nutrition experts online too. Or you can read a complete research paper. If you have never downloaded a research paper before then just write the product name and type research paper. Choose any product and then click on “click here button.

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