Know three series of Nash metropolitan

Here, you will know all about ‘nash metropolitan’ car which is the most popular model since 1953. This car was sold in the American country, and it is a British built or American designed car. The production of this car was started in October 1953. In America, it is known as sub combat car and it was the first car that was only designed in America. Since 1953 this car has become one of the best high rated automobiles. Although this car is not available in the market now, but the parts of it are available online. So if you have this, you can buy the old parts of this.

Series of this car-
1st series was evolved from 1954 to 1956-
The Nash metropolitan utilized rear wheel, front engine, drive format along with welded frame or body. This unique body designed was generated by Ludlow and fisher of England. The body of this car was made by using frame construction. Suspension and drive train was provided by the auction company (generally motor company).
2nd series-
In the year 1956, this car was updated by using Austin A50 1500-cc engine. The large clutch was placed in it with higher compression. Also, the interior was updated and fitted stain fewer steel strips that classified in two different color body dashboards.

3rd series-
Now we talk about the 3 rd series, and the car was more updated in it. Various improvements were got to see since 1959 such as seat adjusters, window vents as well as glove box door. And the final metropolitans were placed along with A55 Austin engine and 55 horsepower. However, the production was banned since 1960 but after this was sold for 2 years.
So these are three series of this car. Throughout parts, Nash metropolitan parts are available online. Today purchase its parts and fit in your old car.

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