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Princess Ami of Mercury, Mizuno Ami, Amy, Ami-chan, Sailor Mercury, Super Sailor Mercury

Princess Ami of Mercury

Princess Ami of Mercury is the crown Princess of the planet Mercury. Princess Ami lived 1000 years ago in a time known as the Silver Millennium. As the crown Princess of Mercury she was a member of the Silver Millennium Alliance and it was therefore her duty to guard and protect the crown princess of the Silver Millennium, Princess Serenity, of the Moon. As the Princess of Mercury, Ami possesses the power of the planet Mercury, and she uses these powers in her senshi form to protect Serenity.

Ami lives on the Moon, the capital of the Silver Millennium, with Princess Serenity, and the other inner guardians of the Princess. Ami died in the final battle of the Silver Millennium, protecting Serenity and her kingdom. Princess Ami was sent to the future by Queen Serenity along with Princess Serenity, and the other guardians.

Mizuno Ami

Mizuno Ami, or as her friends like to call her Ami-chan, is present day Princess Ami. She lives in modern day Tokyo, and attends Juuban Jr. High with Usagi, and Makoto. She is a genius and she spends most of her free time studying. Her dream is to become a medical doctor. She is somewhat of a loaner due to her love for knowledge, but once she meets up with Usagi, she finds herself with many good friends. Ami and Luna get along very well because they are the strategists of the group.

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury is the senshi form of Ami. She has the powers of the planet of Mercury. Mercury is the guardian of water and ice, and is the last in command of the inner senshi. It is Sailor Mercury's duty to protect the Princess of the Moon at all costs. She is the brains behind the senshi because she is so intelligent. She uses a compact computer/scanner to track down enemies, and find ways out of other dimensions. If it wasn't for Sailor Mercury, the senshi would have many times found themselves in a lot of trouble, therefore making Sailor Mercury a very valuable soldier.

Super Sailor Mercury

Super Sailor Mercury is a more powerful form of Sailor Mercury. Her attacks become more powerful, and she also shows more confidence in her powers. Sailor Mercury becomes Super Sailor Mercury in the fourth season; Sailor Moon SuperS. Her fuku doesn't change that much, except that her sleeves turn into see-through fabric, the bow in her back gets longer, her necklace gets a star on it, and her broach turns from a circle to a heart. Page has been viewed 33 times..