How to setup WiFi at home?

Setting up a WiFi is pretty easy these days. Long time back, they were complex and required a lot of steps and technical excellence to setup and configure a WiFi. With the improvement in router technology and internet, even a person without much of computer knowledge or background can easily follow the steps provided in the manual or guide to set up home WiFi. If you check on home wifi installation london or wifi installation London, then you will find a lot of details over the web. The internet speed is one of the best in London and hence if you want do wifi installation London you will get the best service and speed. Now let us take you through the steps in setting up home WiFi.

• First you need to buy a good wireless router from the market. There will be many variants and brands. Check on their reviews on the internet and more specifically on e-commerce stores to see the user experience with them. Buy the one which suits you. If you are a heavy user of internet go for a big brand and configuration.
• Connect the router to your modem. These days with advancement of router technology you get a router cum modem device which combines both functionalities. You need to plug the phone / internet line into the router and take a LAN cable connection ofto the router to connect with your laptop.
• Configure the router with the settings for your Internet Service Provider. Provide a strong password which is hard to guess and predict. Also an advice is to change it frequently like once in a month for better security. It is a known fact that any intruder who gets to your router will be able to snoop pretty much all the information / passwords that you are using in the internet.
• Open the router configuration settings page in your computer / mobile and provide your SSID and other configuration information.
• Apply the settings and restart the router.
• Check for your network / SSID and connect from your computer / mobile by providing your password you have set.
• Visit and check if the configurations are intact and working fine.

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