How to impress a girl using funny pick up lines?

Most of the people prefer using Funny pick up lines to impress girls. They think that it is quite easy to impress a girl this way but they are wrong on this. Impressing a girl using funny lines is not as simple as it looks. There are some certain guidelines or things to follow regarding this. If you can follow these guidelines then you are highly likely to be successful on this without a shadow of a doubt. At the end of the day, it comes down to you how you use it.

Be different
Not every girl is different. Therefore, you are not advised to use some funny pick up lines for different girls. You need to know what a girl likes, what interests her, then use some lines accordingly. It is also required to be relevant and to the point while delivering some funny lines. You just can’t use some funny lines out of anything irrelevantly.
Maintain the originality
Always try to main the originality while delivering some funny lines. Try to be some innovative and out of the box lines that will really make the girl laugh. If you use the same age-old jokes or funny lines, then you are less likely to be successful in impressing the girl. Everybody likes originality after all; it is in the human nature.

Use well-timed funny pick up lines
The funny pick up lines are supposed to be well-timed. It is a very important and significant thing to consider before going for any funny lines. Whether you will be able to impress a girl or not largely depends on it. A well-timed pick up line is to bring the best result. A second later or a second early, you don’t make it. Therefore, you are supposed to be careful about the time of delivering funny lines.

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