HCG Diet Injections

While you will find a number of hcg meal plan on the marketplace now, the shot type continues to be referenced as the most successful for long term weight loss. How does it work? Previously, this could be answered by simply referencing Dr. Simeons initial hCG Diet manuscript. Dr Simeons set an exact dose of daily HCG diet shots, how to inject them, and where. Times have changed yet, and today, Doctors & medical specialists came to change the protocol based on what they feel comfortable with as well as the individual needs of their patients.

Much of what Dr. Simeons printed yet, is still used as fundamental guidelines for the protocol. For example, the use of high quality, pharmaceutical hcg meal plan that must arrive in powder form and mixed at the start of the patient’s diet. (This could be combined by the person or taken to a compounding pharmacy to be combined by a medical professional.) The HCG must be refrigerated to preserve potency and must be replaced after 3 to 4 weeks. Should the injection mixture be left out of the refrigerator for prolonged periods of time, or go fresh after the 3 to 4 week interval, the utility can be challenged.
HCG of diminished potency was demonstrated to result in the patient experiencing hunger, headaches, and weight loss plateaus until the mixture is replaced with a fresh batch of HCG.

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