Facebook a new commercial market

To buy Facebook fans and buy Facebook likes has become a major source for companies for marketing their product. That happened in February 2004. When a Harvard university dropout named Mark Zuckerberg founded a social networking website named Facebook. Along with the help of his college roommates and some fellows from Harvard University he was able to produce an advanced social networking website which proved its worth and versatility in literally no time. Initially it was launched as a website for the interaction among Harvard students and by that time its membership was also limited to its founders and Harvard students. Having seen a tremendous overnight success of their website among the students, their founders decided to expand it to some other educational institutes of Boston. But that was not the fate of this great development. It made its way into the market and now it is the largest social networking website of the world.

Every day millions of people log in to Facebook, which makes it potentially a very big market for commercial purposes too. Almost every company of every field has its page on Facebook trying to buy Facebook fans, which they use for commercial purpose. The more people like their page the more they get the chance to show to general public what they have to offer. There are sources available in the markets, which earn a specified number of Facebook fans for different commercial pages depending upon their contract. This means these companies advertise themselves by adopting the policy of buy Facebook fans and also to Buy likes on facebook (Comprar likes en facebook). And so far this technique is working absolutely fine and producing tremendous results. Companies have stretched their product market to almost every corner of the world. People can see their products and can get all the information about it by simply liking their Facebook page. This makes trading easy for both the buyer and the seller.

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