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Buddhism religion developed from the of Buddha (a teacher) who lived northern India between mid 6th and mid 4th centuries BCE.
It spread from India to the south and central Asia, China, Korea, Japan.
Buddhism plays an important role in the culture and social life of Asia In the 20TH CENTURY.
To learn Buddhism school were developed the there are many schools developed with time but mainly people and ancient philosophers consider 2 main schools.


Both have some similarities and difference, here are Difference between Theravada and Mahayana.
It is established by the King Of Mauryan Empire ASHOKA in 3rd-century BCE named as Theravada school in some parts of Sri Lanka.

In Pali Language Theravada meaning is ‘way of elder’.
Theravada emerged as One of Hinayana School after some 100 years death of Buddha. These school pali language is used as sacred language and preserved their version of Buddha’s Teaching in the ‘Tripitaka (three baskets) Theravada literature include corpus and it contains commentaries and other work written in pali Language and many other language.
Mahayana is a system of metaphysics dealing with basic structure and principle of reality, theoretical.
It developed and arise in India 1st century CE spreads to central Asia,China, Japan.Teaching involves difference in documentation and approach when we compare Mahayana vs theravada. Mahayana taught that neither the self nor the dharma exist.

But schools contain some similarities and some difference.
Reason of Splitting of Buddhism or Having Two Main School of Buddhism.
Buddhist teaching travelled to different country, dharma, religion, culture, people and all need new subject and tradition related to that region .
Theravada is unified while Mahayana tradition is generally more autonomous .
Difference between Theravada and Mahayana in School Location.
Theravada is more common in south-east Asia countries such as sri lanka ,Sri Lanka,Thailand, Cambodia.
Mahayana on other hand is common in Korea, Taiwan etc.
Teaching Difference Between the Two branches of Buddhism. Theravada is pali canon or Pali teaching written in the pali language .
Mahayana contain many new sutras , written in Sanskrit , Chinese and many other language .
We can’t say which school is better or right or wrong and check out both school if you are new to buddhism.

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