Erotic stories for all tastes

Sensory stimulation plays a very important role in terms of human arousal. The most important sexual organ, the brain, is conquered through the senses.

In that sense, all erotic material that enters by sight can be perceived by touch, smell, taste, and hearing if enough effort is achieved. The graphic images are the most commercialized for these purposes; however, literature has also found a narrative space to stimulate the adult audience through erotic stories.

These narrations, poems or erotic short stories, have been present in the history of the world for a long time. However, when considering sex as a taboo, writers dedicated to this literary genre always maintained discretion hiding their identity under pseudonyms.

Currently, eroticism is accepted as something normal, oblivious to stigmas or scandals. This of course, after arriving at the conclusion that the erotic should not be necessarily linked to sex or pornography. With these new freedoms to tell erotic stories, amateurs and experts in the field have taken advantage of digital tools to share and spread this kind of stories.

That is why nowadays an important amount of website appears in Internet searches when the term “eroticism” is written. One of the most popular and with more followers for their original stories and full of sensuality is the website Erotic Stories Rock. In its portal, there is a selection of varied stories for those who prefer a little spicier story.

In Erotic Stories Rock, the erotic genre is the writers strongest, leading to tell long stories, several pages or, preferred by all: erotic short stories, with simple arguments, direct and, also characterized by leaving matters to the reader’s imagination.

Like this site, there are several on the Internet with the same tendency. They have even become so popular that sometimes authors can publish these stories with an editorial, in a compendium or anthology, or as an erotic narrative novel.

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