Dascoin Investment Opportunity

Last year (early October 2016), one of my online friends came to me with the DasCoin business opportunity. As I do…. dived into some history and researched on the business and the owners. I’ve invested in several so called actual “cryptocurrency” chances. The really first were out and out scams and so have, till DasCoin, made quite few investments in this sector… I’ve just invested in mining companies that were real that mine of Ethereum BitCoin & Zcash.
DasCoin was looking to be a great chance…but! Therefore I made the decision to link up with all the business owners in Dubai in November last year where a DasCoin International Leaders Summit was being held by them. I felt quite comfortable using the business plan plus the performance of it and talked one on one with every one of the DasCoin/NetLeaders team. Additionally, I talked with all the very best network marketing experts that, like me, had come along to Dubai. Following a considerable investment in buying a preliminary license of 2,000 and attending the DasCoin Summit Euro determined to add another 5,000 Euro license into my account DasCoin around and commence marketing and developing a business.
The settlement strategy is money-making and appealing and for people who have an Advocate License an income flow can be added by you here! The DasCoin report isn’t only about the Settlement strategy. I’ve identified 7 key points under are describe them below.
• Leadership and their Vision
• Prospective Capital Gain
• 100% Passive Making Potential
• Marketing Strategy
• Decentralized
• Utility
• Not Reinventing The Wheel
Powerful Direction using a Tactical Vision
The Eco System of DasCoin is lead by seasoned professionals who are aware of the things they’ve been discussing. Their profiles are available on www.netleaders.com website and in outline are as follows.
• FinTech specialist having an over 23 years of executive and entrepreneurial expertise
• Creator and President of the latest social media company Mojo Media
• Creator and CEO of online gaming company Change Gaming and market network TREKA.
10 years of expertise as a Strategic Adviser working having a JP Morgan Chase’s Private Bank and 5 years of expertise as a marketing executive in the financial services business with American Express and T. Rowe Price. Graduate of Princeton University and a resident.

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