Daas – A company that protect information

There are companies that specialize in facilitating the operation of other companies, they strive to find tools and implement procedures that simplify the methods and give peace of mind, both to employees and owners. One of the difficulties in the jobs is the assistance to the work and the confidentiality of the data that is handled to obtain a better performance.

That problem is already solved with Cloudzen partners, which is responsible for managing the desktop of the cloud, where they keep emails and all types of company data. They provide a desktop service known as daas, which basically archives, organizes and saves documents and emails on the cloud desktop, making sure they are sent and received without alterations.

Having a desktop as a service gives freedom of movement to users, being able to access by downloading the application on any mobile device (phone, tablet, PC, computer, Mac) they have, with simple software or hardware and a connection to the Web, with which they can work from home, in the car or wherever they are.

The Daas providers offer assistance in the handling of information on the cloud desktop. The services of Cloudzen partners offer backups, data recovery, modifications and constant updates that are reported through messages, can support several users at the same time and have the possibility to enter or delete any if necessary, combine and share files by the secure management system (MDM) and offer a unified data center (UDC) with great performance among multiple users.

The desktop service provider companies give the possibility that employees are more productive, are more willing to work and perform the functions with the best disposition; they can work from anywhere, which will bring benefits to the business.

Daas is the best system for your personal data or data of your business in one place. Do not wait any longer and buy our services.

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