Creating Traffic on Your Channel with YouTube Views

Almost everybody now wants to get famous on YouTube especially to increase or grow a fan page. Before this can happen, you need to post videos with strategies to make the video go viral. While others try to acheter vues youtube (buy youtube views)
the more to make it look like they are more popular than others, some just employ the slow and steady method. To promote your YouTube videos is not as hard as you think. There are so many ways to have many views on YouTube.

One way is by using bots or automation. This creates traffic to increase views just like when you Buy youtube Views (acheter des vues youtube) only that the traffic is fake. They are software designed such that an automated bot is automatically made to hit your videos repeatedly. It has been used for some time now but the effect of this method is that once you get discovered, your account would be banned from the YouTube site so this is an advisable no go area. Although, recently, it has been blocked by YouTube. Another wrong way of increasing your views is by using Firefox plug-in refresher. This refreshes your browser regularly after few seconds and the views will be registered to one I.P address and this makes YouTube ban your video.

Apart from the fact that you can Buy Views (acheter des vues) for your videos on YouTube, you can also adopt the method of stringing videos together so that whenever one of your videos finish playing, it automatically suggest another video from you and plays it immediately. But to adopt this method, you must make your first video very interesting else, a viewer might not even wait for the video to finish before exiting it not talking about allowing another to play. Most people after watching a good video usually look for another made by the same person. So stringing your videos together increases the chances of your seldom watched videos to get many views.

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