Body Armour Carriers, Ballistic Plates, And Complete Kits

We are not just manufacturing and selling the stab vest or the bullet proof vests only. We are providing a huge range of protection products. With our huge range of products for the protection of your body parts, you will get a lot of options to choose from. You will have single armours, full kits or a few plates etc. Other than these types of products those are offered by us, you will get a lot of products under every category.

So there are a lot of products from which you can choose easily and protect your body from attacks. First of all, we have the single carriers or the body armours. Here we have the armours of various types. Don’t worry about the price. The rates are very genuine as compared to the quality of these products. Other than this we have the complete kits for you. Where you will find the armours, carriers and the plates also. Yes, the complete kits are more costly than the single armours. But they will also give you an all in one offer also. Other than this you can also buy the multiple threat body armour plates here in our online store.

In the complete kits section, you will get four types of kits. These kits have body armours, plates, and the carriers. In this, there are black skull kit, green skull kit, tan skull kit, Spartan carrier kit. These all kits are of £149.99 each. So as you compare its quality and the number of things you are getting in this kit, you will see that price for these kits is very genuine. If you don’t want to buy the complete kits. Then there is the carriers section for you. Where you will get Black Skull, Green Skull, Tan Skull, Spartan Carrier at the rate of£29.95 for each. Other than these you can buy the armour plates also.

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