Best NEO Wallets Currently Available to Store NEO and GAS

In this article I am going to speak about NEO. As a result of its incredible technology that permits construction decentralized apps with lots of programming languages NEO has already become one of the most trailblazing crypto currencies of the year.
People are calling Neo as “Ethereum of China”and “Ethereum Killer”.

Certainly, NEO has been one of the very promising cryptocurrency investments of 2017 for its shareholders, which led to a steep incline in NEO’s cost. Cost of every NEO was0.14 at the start of 2017, and has already attained a gorgeous 21,000 percent growth. The cost climbed around $51 over a span of 8 weeks. Now, following the correction, it’s settled down to the current cost of about $25.
With such good response around, a lot of people have already purchased NEO and Gas. However, while interest in the company grows, NEO’s job development has not grown at precisely the exact same rate. It’s still lagging in infrastructure such as NEO wallets and NEO exchanges that cope with all the GAS cryptocurrency and several people are fighting to keep their NEO safely. One more thing significant to notice is that there are a few scam NEO wallets These Neo Coin Wallet bringin more confusion about this insecure industry.
But it would be incorrect in my part to state NEO does not have some good wallets. But lots of NEO consumers are still facing a great deal of fundamental difficulties.
Here are a Few of the challenges that NEO users/HODLERS face:
Which NEO wallet to use.
Which NEO wallet creates GAS.
Which NEO wallets encourage sending/receiving of NEO and GAS.
Which Neo Coin Wallet are both legit and which ones are scams.
All that said, NEO is a comparatively new crypto-project. This is it does not have lots of wallet possibilities available yet. But, there are still a couple of good choices available for storing NEO.

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