3 Types of Garage Door Openers According to Horsepower

A garage door opener is selected based on two factors. One is the drive option which determines how the lower and lifting of the door will function. And, the second one is the horsepower of the motor to determine the swiftness of the said lifting and lowering of the door. Based on horsepower, there are 4 types of best garage door opener.

1. The 0.5 HP door openers.

These door openers power is the standard for most of the garage door openers out there. It is also the most popular one. Depending on the type of drive you double it with, this 0.5 motor can lift most garage doors except some heavy weights. While it can lift most doors, some heavy materials can put extra strain on the motor and cause some wear and tear in the long run.

2. The 0.75 HP door openers.

This model is the next step up from the 0.5 model. The additional power boost makes it more durable than its previous counterpart. The increased durability of course comes with a higher durability as well. If you’re okay with the cost, it doesn’t only mean that you can now have heavier doors lifted and closed, but it is also more durable and can withhold wear and tear much longer.

3. The 1 HP door openers.

The 1 HP door openers are the ones offering maximum efficiency and power. It is also the one costing the most as well. It is perfect for the heaviest garage doors, including many of the oversized doors that we are used to see in movies. These motors can support commercial or industrial doors and can easily last for a longer period of time as well.

These were some of the types of garage door openers classified according to their horse power. You can buy any of these best garage door openers online through a simple Google search.

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